ContentBridge Media Supply Chain Solutions in the Microsoft Azure Cloud!

  1. Securely store media assets and metadata
  2. Manage product data and business agreements
  3. Organize your content elements into a distribution-ready library
  4. Deliver directly to a growing network of leading digital distributors and retailers


Call (310) 405-6178 ext. 1 before July 1 to receive an incredible offer!

If you already use Azure Media Services, you now have access to powerful digital content management and distribution capabilities that can be integrated directly into your workflows and information flows.

Performed by ContentBridge managed service or through your preferred option – you make the choice!

Prefer to maintain your valuable media assets behind your firewall or with another cloud provider? Our modular architecture supports highly distributed digital supply chain processing, while leveraging Azure where it makes sense for your business.

In addition to confirmed deliveries with the top retailers, you receive a distribution-ready mezzanine and metadata package, which means you never have to worry about service provider lock-in again